Prairie Harvest


With the increasing awareness of the health properties of quality buffalo, consumers are continuing to respond positively when it is presented on a menu. Its sweet flavor, high protein content and low cholesterol make buffalo a delicious selection.
The buffalo cuts we offer at Prairie Harvest are specifically raised and processed locally in South Dakota. Because they are not subjected to long, stressful transportation and consume high protein grasses from our vast prairie, we receive the highest quality of buffalo possible. Our refined dry-aging program and carefully controlled packaging environment provides our customers with tender, distinct, and superior cuts of meat.

# Product Options Size Price
92010 Buffalo Dry Aged Cowboy Steak (Bone In Rib Eye) Frozen 14-16 oz. each/2 per pack
10094 Buffalo Tenderloin Frozen 4-5 lb. avg.
10074 Buffalo Stew Meat Frozen 2 lb. pkg
10013 Buffalo Back Ribs Frozen 2.5-3 lb. avg./2 per pkg
10027 Buffalo Ground Frozen 2 lb. pkg
10090 Buffalo Ground Patties Frozen 8 oz. each/4 per pkg.
10063 Buffalo 4-inch Short Ribs Frozen 6 lb. avg./3-4 slabs per pkg.
10080 Buffalo Top Sirloin Steak Frozen 9 oz./1 per pkg.