Prairie Harvest


Our exceptional North American Elk are all raised in prairie environments to produce light and healthy-tasting red meat. Originating from the Canadian prairies, Rocky mountains and Yellowstone area, our elk becomes the most tender and delicious elk meat available. Our trusted suppliers raise the animals with traditional care—always focused on sustainability and animal husbandry. All the animals are processed at 26-28 months to provide a very tender dining experience.  This helps to set the stage for an entrée that actually tastes healthy and nutritious, with a richness that you won’t forget.

# Product Options Size Price
80024 Elk Ground Frozen 2 lb. pkg.
80001 Elk Boneless Shortloin Frozen 3 lb.
80040 Elk Tenderloin Frozen 2 lbs. avg.
81005 Elk Sirloin Steaks Frozen 6 oz./2 per pkg.