Prairie Harvest

South Dakota Goose

Although it’s the traditional Dickensian Christmas dish, goose was once nearly forgotten as an entrée in the United States. Goose meat is darker, fuller-bodied, and more intensely flavored than turkey. Its skin has a higher fat content than other fowl, but much of the fat melts away during cooking, leaving deliciously tasty and succulent meat. The all-natural, free-range Schiltz products we offer at Prairie Harvest are a distinct breed of goose that is registered with the Department of Agriculture. They are raised and processed at a 2nd generation, family-owned, federally-inspected facility located on the windswept prairie of northeastern South Dakota.

# Product Options Size Price
26014 Rendered Goose Fat Frozen 7 lb. tub
26009 Smoked Goose Breast Frozen 1 lb.
25996 Boneless Goose Breast Frozen 2 per pkg./1.75 lb. avg pkg.