Prairie Harvest

Wild Boar

Our Wild Boar comes directly to us from Texas and has been bred from the true European wild boar lineage. Expert care has been taken to ensure the rich, sumptuous flavor is inherent in the meat. European wild boar, best known for its medieval associations as a royal meat, is valued in select restaurants.

Lower in fat and cholesterol than domestic pork, Wild Boar makes an excellent, intriguing, more nutritious choice for diners.

# Product Options Size Price
20008 Wild Boar Bone-In Leg Frozen 5 lbs.
20030 Wild Boar Slab Bacon Frozen 3 lb. avg
20041 Wild Boar Stew Meat Frozen 2 lb. package
20017 Wild Boar 8-Rib Rack- Frenched Frozen 2 lb. avg./2 per pack